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About Us

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Our mission at Gratitude Gift Bags is to design, manufacture, and bring to market an easy-to-use, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective way to wrap gifts. Our goal is to develop and distribute a collection of high quality gift bags made of resilient fabric materials that appeal to people looking for a reusable, regiftable, and green alternative to paper wrap and bags. We hope to challenge outdated and environmentally careless methods of wrapping gifts. It is our hope to change how the world perceives disposable paper wrapping with the goal of transitioning to reusable fabric bags.


Brief History: The inspiration for Gratitude Gift Bags begins with the selfless acts and ideals of Marilyn, the late sister-in-law of our company's founder. (Please click here to learn more about the history of Gratitude Gift Bags and Marilyn's story).

Location: Corinth, TX

Come join the movement: Buy a collection of our quality bags, spread them around, pass the word, and help make a positive environmental difference! To keep or give, wrap again and again!



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