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We love to hear from our customers about their experience with our gift bags! Below are some great stories about our bags. If you have a great story, let us know at gratitudegiftbags@gmail.com


Due to the progression of Parkinson's Disease which makes it difficult to wrap presents, I use Gratitude Gift Bags on any and all gift-giving occasions. Select the appropriate size, insert gift and tie a bow! Recipients frequently comment that it is like getting two presents... the one inside and the beautiful fabric bag itself. No more tangles with ripped paper, odd pieces of tape stuck to hands and arms. I enjoy having such a variety of fabrics and bag sizes-configurations to select from because I want that gift to look extra-special. And they always do!
-Laura D. (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Not only are Gratitude Gift Bags a fast, easy way to wrap a gift and a wonderful green alternative, but these bags are extremely gorgeous empty! I didn't want to part with them outside my household... but I did. Everyone loved them! The photos online do not do them justice. I'm a customer for life!
-Joyce M. (Chicago, Illinois)
I made my first purchase before Christmas... a few Christmas bags and a few others to keep around for spur of the moment occasions. They make life a little bit easier and are stylish AND environmentally friendly!
-Carol S. (Quakertown, Pennsylvania)
If there were six stars for a rating, this family-owned business would get them! I just got my order after meeting Barbara and some of her family members and cannot rave enough about them. They are not only stunning, fun and very well-made... they are just doggone CUTE. I love the tie at the top of each one too. Green? Oh my gosh, wouldn't it be wonderful if the whole U.S. did this??? Can you imagine how many trees we'd saved?! AND the price is really a sweet deal too. Try these once, and you will be hooked, I am sure of that . . . just like ME. Thanks so much for such a great product!
-Karen H. (Carlsbad, California)
Found Gratitude Gift Bags at the Earth Day Festival 2010. It's such a simple idea- reduce waste by eliminating the need for wrapping paper and use the super cute bags over and over again. They've got a pattern and size for everything.
-Meagan D. (San Diego, California)
What a fantastic product! I used these gift bags to give presents to my friends and they loved them. We also use them now within our family and completely cut paper gift -wrapping out of our lives! Feels good to be green! P.S. For you lazy and/or less-skilled present wrappers, these bags were SO easy to wrap. Just place the gift in the bag, cinch, tie, and you are done!
-Bill H. (Atlanta, Georgia)
Bought a bunch of the bags at Christmas and was thrilled with the selection and designs. The fabric looks even better than in the photos. And, when I was doing my annual midnight Christmas eve wrapping, it was a breeze instead of a chore! Love the concept and plan to NEVER wrap with paper again! Aloha.
-Leslie B.(Honolulu, Hawaii)
  Gratitude Gift Bags saved the day! A client received a product that did not have the proper packaging. What a bonus...they get to have all their gifts wrapped in the gift bags. It is like getting two gifts in one. Thanks for coming to our emergency rescue!
  -Linda N. ( Brilliant Marketing, Inc., San Diego, CA)
We just bought our first bags to wrap Christmas gifts for our little ones preschool teachers and some to use for our family. They are gorgeous and make wrapping a cinch! Eco-friendly , economical, and impressive looking. Simple put, they are wonderful.
Michah & Christi ( Orange County, California)
  Just wanted you to know how well Gratitude Gift Bags work for the hostess gifts I plan to give this season. I put all the ingredients for a special cake recipe inside a small size bag , then tie the recipe onto the bag. Voila! Easy, beautiful presentation! Thanks so much for your company.
  -Sarah S. (San Diego, California)


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