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Wholesale Wine Bags

Looking For A Stylish And Fun Way For Your Customers To Wrap Their Wine Purchases?

Our bags are made of durable fabrics and come in numerous elegant patterns. Our wine bags are very different in quality than those you might have seen made from paper, jute, or sheer fabrics. They are also an eco-friendly giftwrap option as they can be reused, again and again!

  • Minimal shelf space is needed for display
  • Patterns available for all occasions
  • Gift bags available in 6 sizes
  • Custom orders upon request
  • UPC Compliant 
Our fabric wine gift bags provide a great upselling opportunity at checkout while raising your retail profit!

Whether you are a buyer for a winery giftshop, own a wine retail store, or are an online retailer... we've got your bottles "covered"!

trees-96.jpg blue-96.jpg stars-96.jpg teal-96.jpg scrollsburgundy-96.png snowynight-96.png plaid-96.jpg
bottlesturq-96.png bottlescream-96.png sedona-96.jpg zebra-96.jpg circles-96.jpg royalty-96.png burntrust-96.png
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For questions or additional information contact us at: gratitudegiftbags1@gmail.com


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